Newport Cyber Academy Program (NCAP)
    The Newport Cyber Academy Program (NCAP) is designed for students who desire a non-traditional learning environment and are motivated, disciplined, and willing to work on an independent basis.  NCAP offers students the ability participate in a completely on-line program from home or a blended program where some courses are taken in the traditional brick and mortar setting.  Either option provides students the opportunity to earn a Newport School District Diploma.  Also, NCAP students may still participate in all Newport School District extracurricular activities including sports, clubs, and musical programs.  This program is a great way to provide a cyber learning option in our district while keeping those students connected to Newport.


    This program is a collaborative effort between the Newport School District and Edmentum programming.  NCAP utilizes the PLATO Courseware platform from Edmentum to provide a rigorous, standards based learning environment that aligns to our courses as well as provide additional coursework.  This program is research based and uses a 21st Century approach to learning that includes interactive, media rich content.  Both integrated assessments and course level assessments are utilized to demonstrate mastery of concepts covered.  The curriculum is developed, reviewed and monitored by Newport School District teaching staff. More information about the curriculum may be obtained at the PLATO website by clicking on the link below.

    NCAP Handbook:

    The NCAP Handbook is a guide that provides policies and procedures relevant to the Newport Cyber Academy Program.  Parents and students considering NCAP should review the handbook to gain an understanding of expectations when entering the cyber program here at Newport.  Please click on the link below to view the full NCAP Handbook.


     NCAP Staff


    Scott McGrady




    NCAP Coordinator 

     Amy Wagner





    HS - Jennifer Strohm

    MS - Emily Rudy






    Mrs. Danko

    Mrs. Griffin

    Mrs. Barkley

    Mr. Barlup

    Mrs. Hurrell 

    Mrs. Wilson

    Mrs. Wagner









    For more information regarding NCAP, please contact either of the following:


    Amy Wagner– NCAP Coordinator


         (717) 567-3806 ext. 2603


    Scott McGrady - Principal


         (717) 567-2517