NHS Team Members

    Please contact any team member via email or phone (567-3806) to make a referral or to request more information.

    Mr. David Bower, Jr. (teacher)--dbower@newportsd.org
    Mrs. Wendy Gromacki (teacher)--wgromacki@newportsd.org

    Mrs. Ellen McCollum (nurse-RN)--emccollum@newportsd.org

    Mrs. Christine McLaughlin (team leader/teacher)--amclaughlin@newportsd.org
    Ms. Rhonda Ramp (teacher)--rramp@newportsd.org

    Ms. MaryLou Schaaf (counselor)--mschaaf@newportsd.org

    Mrs. Angela Stewart (teacher)--afstewart@newportsd.org
    Mrs. Karen Schaeffer (teacher)--kschaeffer@newportsd.org

Last Modified on October 17, 2014